Hey you all! I am doing a post today on a new favorite outfit! My goal for my outfit is to combine it with modesty, fashion sense, and color coordination. Lately I have been noticing how most of the world is expressing themselves. This is what I’m picking up:

No. 1- Everyone wants to be noticed no matter their background, life, or experience.
No. 2- People equate dressing immodestly with being pretty.
No. 3- The girl with the biggest purse wins.
No. 4- People will change their thoughts and personality based on the people they’re with.

Does any of this sound familiar to you? If so, then I will let you know that I am struggling with this. I am challenging myself right now to be an example, “…in word, in conduct, in love, in spirit, in faith, and in purity.”
– 1 Timothy 4:12

With all that being said, let me show you what my outfit was today!

This is what inspired me: (the retail version)

What I wanted...with a follow up on my Blog!

This is what I was looking for:
– a color coordinated cardigan
– a sequined shirt
– a pair of flats from Old Navy
– a pair of gray skinny jeans

This was the Thrifteen result:


I got this:
– the cardigan was $4 (thrifted)
– a sequined Christmas gift, $30
– the pair of flats turned out to be the scrunchy kind. I thought it still looked cool. They were also $4 (thrifted)
– the one-buck-wonder gray skinny-jeans ($1)
the Totally Thrifty Total: $39

Soooo? What are your thoughts?

Have a good day!
Thrifteen 🌻


My (finally) Finished Roller Coaster:

So, I was able to get my coaster in for the date it was due, even though we have been very busy lately. (See, and my mom’s post, “Congratulations!”) I was able to make it through with the help of some of my very best friends. Here are some pictures and videos of the roller coaster. Before you get to the bottom of the page, try and guess what the name is of the coaster. I think you’ll be able to figure it out! = )


Got the name yet? If you can see this picture clearly, you’ll find out. If not, then the name is below these two pictures:
The Paper Tiger Roller Coaster!
As you can probably see, our main materials for the coaster were (1.) Paper, and (2.) tape.  ; )

This is the first way to watch the roller coaster make its way down the track. 
This is the second way for the roller coaster to make its way down the track. 
Play the videos below in a row. I had some technical difficulties meshing them together. These videos are showing you the other way the marble can go. I made a fork in the track.

Tell me your comments on it. It’s still a work in progress. Hope you like it!


Warm Eggs and Roller Coasters:

This is not a formula for instant nausea. There is no need to panic. I would just like to tell you about two different things I have been doing lately. Let me first tell you about the “ Warm Eggs” part. This a tip for when you are making cookies: When I make my chocolate chip cookies, I always leave the eggs that I will be using in the recipe out so that they become  room temperature. For some reason, this makes the cookies you are making to be light and fluffy. Before I learned the egg trick, my cookies were as hard as a rock and as flat as a pancake, until now! Now my horror cooling in the oven has turned into light fluffy cloud cookies, which equals to “brownie points” for me, coming from my family. Thumbs up

Original NESTLÉ® TOLL HOUSE® Chocolate Chip Cookies

The other thing I would like to tell you about would be the “roller coaster” part of my title. Where I have to build one. For school. Whoa.

I have an assignment for school to build my own “roller coaster.” We have been studying how roller coasters work in science. The roller coaster I am building will be done in a very tiny fashion. As in a marble will barely fit to roll down the track. I am going to have some assistants help me, though. There is nothin’ like a helping hand! As I rolled on down to Office Max to make some copies of the blueprint to build the coaster, I couldn’t help but think, “ How in the whole wide world am I going to do this???” I had glanced at the directions a couple of times, but never read through them completely. Let me describe how, even in the short glances I had, how I could sum up the blueprint. CONFUSING!


image < just to let you know, that is NOT the roller coaster I am building, this is just and example of a roller coaster.


Anyway, I will most likely take a picture of the hopefully on-time and finished assignment. Oh, and Novacom still hasn’t come yet. It was supposed to come yesterday. I wish could make a magic button to speed up FedEx deliveries. There is always a first time for everything. Sarcastic smile

Your Author,


A “Little” Technical Assistance

Ever since I was young  younger, I would help my mom with stuff. Like “making” dinner with her, “helping” with laundry, etc. Well, recently, I have been helping her a lot on the technical side of things. Even when I was 8 years old, I would show mom how to use features on her phone. It was kind of funny. I have worked my way up from helping her with cell phones. Now it’s computers. My family calls me the tech geek of the family.  I learned how to operate computers by earning up for one with my brother,  and working on it by trial and error. On one of my recent blog posts, you found me talking about earning up for a MacBook Pro because Apple is so direct and simple.

Anyway, I have been helping my mom out with her blog (on my Dell).  I was working with her about 5 minutes ago by making her favicon square. Man. Favicons are really annoying. Really. Mom chose a favicon for her blog, (which is that icon looking thing some people have that is right by the web address for whatever website you are visiting).


On  Blogger, at least, when you want to have a personalized favicon for your brain faviconweblog, it always has to be square. Well, Mom found a favicon that suited her blog and style, but it wasn’t square. Goody. I love a challenge.  I pulled up the Paint program on my computer, and pasted the favicon image over.  I had to resize the image by clicking on Resize, then had to figure out sizing nonsense for a while. Bummer. With all that said and done, I figured it out. Finally. I then transferred it to Blogger and… it hasn’t popped up yet. Bummer again. Well, it takes about a day or so. I guess I’ll be waiting. Thus the technical assistant carries on in her never-ending wading waffling through the technical world.



Novacom Part 2! … and Computer Questions

Well, yesterday I finished earning up for my Novacom saga, and I came downstairs and asked my mom if I could order it. She then turned around and said, “ Actually, your aunt is ordering it for you as a late Christmas present, so you can keep the money you earned!” I was so excited! Now, I am counting the days until I get the saga. I can’t wait!!! The money I earned is going toward my savings for my own laptop. I am earning up for a MacBook Pro. It will most likely take me the whole summer to earn up for the laptop because I want the laptop for the new school year. I am going to wait for the new OS X Mountain Lion to come out for it, also.

OS X Lion

Please give me your suggestions to whether or not I should get a Mac. I have been using Dell computers for a while, and I was a faithful follower of Dell, until I went exploring on the Apple website. Wow. I showed some videos to my parents of tutorials on how to use the software for Apple, and my parents love it. Apple explains things much better, and the appearance of their programs and displays are much more cleaner than Dell. The only downside to Apple is the cost. Like $1,800 for a laptop. But, I found out that there is a homeschool discount… and guess what? I am homeschooled! Anyway, I will let you know how everything works out. I will definitely take pictures of the Novacom box and stuff too! See ya!

Your Author,


AIO Get In The Show!!!

Adventures in Odyssey is now holding a contest for a spot as an actor or actress for AIO! They just released the script, and I think I was one of the first to read the script. At 6:30 am. AIO is going to hold auditions at every Family Christian Bookstore on July 1st through 14th, I think. They will have the top 12 actors and actresses narrowed down by October 1st, and from October 1st to 9th, all AIO fans will vote for who they think is the best. From the top twelve, the fans will narrow the contestants down to the top three. Then, AIO will fly the finalists to Colorado Springs. There will be a global web audience watching as the finalists perform for the producers, and the winner will be in the Odyssey album #58. And guess what? I am auditioning!! Most likely with thousands of others, but it is worth a shot!!! I will check back with further information. See ya!

Your Author,
; ) P.S. We just bought the new AIO album, the Deep End!!!