Autograph Line Videos

Here you go! Play these in order. I had to break them up because Blogger couldn’t upload the whole thing at once. 

Sorry. My Dad took the rest on his phone. here tis:


Vacation Day No. 3

Well, this is the day for me that was the most exciting. Let me start from the beginning…
5:45   Alarm goes off, I role (very) quickly out of bed. It’s the big day!
6:00 Done with my shower, and eating breakfast
6:30 Play with Levi
DSC00608   DSC00606
DSC00607  DSC00639
7:15  Look up directions for my dad. (It would have been horrible if we had gotten lost!)
DSC00646    DSC00645
DSC00647    DSC00650
DSC00652     DSC00609
7:45 Play more with Levi
8:30 Wait nervously.
8:45 Start getting packed up and headed out the door.
9:15 We’re on the road!
9:50 Arrival at the Irving Bible Church. Wow!
9:55 Stand with Odyssey cut-outs!
10:00 Find us some seats!
DSC00658    DSC00659
10:02 Luke and I get our picture taken with a fabric Mr. Whittaker. : )
10:05 I am sitting three feet away from Brock Eastman!
Brock EastmanIMG_6552
10:10 Declare we came all the way from Virginia in a “ How far did you come?” contest.
10:20 The show finally starts!
11:30 The show is over, and my awesome father leaves the show early ( 1/2 hour) to get in line for the autograph session. ( I love my dad!)
11:45 We get in line… a long line!
IMG_6562  IMG_6566
12:00 We are third in line!
12:05  We make it up the autograph tables, and who do I bump into, but Mr. Paul McCusker! I actually got to have him autograph the book I brought that he wrote!!!!!!!!!!! And now, I shall have to show you this video of us at the autograph line! Luke really hit it off with Jess Harnell!
 The video will be in my next post



It has arrived:

Just guess if you can. Imagine if you will. But this is for real. Check it out:

Finally, after too many days of waiting in anticipation, just wishing that whoever was working at FedEx or U.P.S. was super-fast, when Novacom was all I could think about, it finally came! However, first things are first in my family. Before I could open the Novacom box, I had to wash a big sink of dishes.
IMG_5014            IMG_5025

Broken dishwasher+ lots of dishes+ Novacom just staring at me, waiting to be opened= The fastest and most frustrated I have ever washed dishes in my life!
Yah, you could say that I got the Novacom box in only 10-15 minutes after it’s arrival. I was pretty pumped. IMG_5024
Alright, so I was able to open the Novacom box, but did I say I would be able to actually listen to it?

Before I could actually listen to Novacom, I had to organize my school desk, which had a lot of stuff to organize. As you can probably imagine, I finished that task pretty quickly too. So, then, the moment I was, and had been waiting for was finally here. Until Mom asked me to do the evening dishes. But I was able to listen while doing the dishes!
IMG_5027       IMG_5028
Everyone was upstairs, getting ready for bed, while I was alone. Downstairs. By myself. (frown)
But it really didn’t matter. I was listening to Novacom! The best AIO saga ever!
IMG_5029        IMG_5034
IMG_5035     IMG_5037
It wasn’t so bad to do the dishes anymore, because I hear other people talking! Most of the time, it was Whit giving Connie a pep-talk, or the younger children in Odyssey, always getting in trouble. Funny! Soon enough, I shall have to write you all a post about the roller coaster I was working on. I finished! And I got extra credit for turning it in so early! I am calling it the “Paper Tiger,” which is the name Mom thought would be appropriate. You can probably imagine what it will look like. I will try to post a video of the roller coaster in action. I will be writing you again soon! Thanks for reading!

Obsession Confession:

Ok, so you who read my blog know that I have been posting a lot about adventures in odyssey. Well, at my house, the adventures in odyssey radio is on almost all the time. If Focus on the Family has a counter for how many people visit their website, it probably has gone up a little bit. = ) Especially while I am feeding Levi his baby food.



My mom said that Focus on the Family should have me paying rent to be on their website, because I go there so often. He he. Ha ha. Very funny. But, I have also found out that Focus on the Family has a website now called that has radio drama episodes about books of the bible, important events in history, most common family issues, and much more. One of my good friends old me about it. I am going to might listen to a seven part series biography on Dietrich Bonheoffer today. Maybe.

SO, I might be a little obsessed with AIO. A little. Tell me what you like to do when you are bored. Maybe I am not alone. Maybe.

Your Author,


Novacom Part 2! … and Computer Questions

Well, yesterday I finished earning up for my Novacom saga, and I came downstairs and asked my mom if I could order it. She then turned around and said, “ Actually, your aunt is ordering it for you as a late Christmas present, so you can keep the money you earned!” I was so excited! Now, I am counting the days until I get the saga. I can’t wait!!! The money I earned is going toward my savings for my own laptop. I am earning up for a MacBook Pro. It will most likely take me the whole summer to earn up for the laptop because I want the laptop for the new school year. I am going to wait for the new OS X Mountain Lion to come out for it, also.

OS X Lion

Please give me your suggestions to whether or not I should get a Mac. I have been using Dell computers for a while, and I was a faithful follower of Dell, until I went exploring on the Apple website. Wow. I showed some videos to my parents of tutorials on how to use the software for Apple, and my parents love it. Apple explains things much better, and the appearance of their programs and displays are much more cleaner than Dell. The only downside to Apple is the cost. Like $1,800 for a laptop. But, I found out that there is a homeschool discount… and guess what? I am homeschooled! Anyway, I will let you know how everything works out. I will definitely take pictures of the Novacom box and stuff too! See ya!

Your Author,


AIO Get In The Show!!!

Adventures in Odyssey is now holding a contest for a spot as an actor or actress for AIO! They just released the script, and I think I was one of the first to read the script. At 6:30 am. AIO is going to hold auditions at every Family Christian Bookstore on July 1st through 14th, I think. They will have the top 12 actors and actresses narrowed down by October 1st, and from October 1st to 9th, all AIO fans will vote for who they think is the best. From the top twelve, the fans will narrow the contestants down to the top three. Then, AIO will fly the finalists to Colorado Springs. There will be a global web audience watching as the finalists perform for the producers, and the winner will be in the Odyssey album #58. And guess what? I am auditioning!! Most likely with thousands of others, but it is worth a shot!!! I will check back with further information. See ya!

Your Author,
; ) P.S. We just bought the new AIO album, the Deep End!!!


Novacom is probably my favorite AIO saga. It talks about  a conspiracy with all the normal characters plus a few more new people. It all begins with an “answer to prayer”  for Tom Reilly, who runs the Timothy Center, as he begins to start having financial troubles, then an unknown company called Novacom offers Tom a decent amount of money for a plot of his land to build a radio tower on.
Tom decides to accept the offer, but “Whit” has a bad feeling about it. I won’t tell you anything else. It might ruin something for you if you haven’t heard the beginning of the series yet. AIO just aired the two first episodes, “Opportunity Knocks,” and “Red Herring” online at, which is already a link on my website. Anyway, I am earning up for the saga right now. I can’t wait until I listen to the whole thing!
Your Author,
Hannah Messer