What I’m Wearing:

Hey, friends.

This outfit is a combination of retail clothing and thrifted finds:



Shirt & Sandals: Goodwill

Skinny jeans: Old Navy

Necklace: Target.

Total Cost: $30

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Twu Wuv!

 Hey everybody! Happy Early Valentine’s Day! So, we had a couple of days of snow, (which is very unusual for my neck of the woods!) and some sickness got passed around. In the middle of all that, I  put together an outfit for my awesome aunt! She just got engaged, and she asked me to give her an idea for engagement pictures. Here you go, Auntie!
Twu Wuv!
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Hope you have a good weekend!

Favorites Series No.1

 Hey Yall! I am going to try and start a series of my favorite outfits. Let me know what you think!Wardrobe-Wise
This is an outfit that is able to be worn in the summer or in the fall. Check out this “wise old owl” as well!

Thrifty Finds | What I Wore Wednesday

Hello there! Today, I will be sharing with you my outfit for today:

I haven’t done this before, so I would like your feedback. I have a couple more outfits in mind, so I will be able to keep it up if I get positive replies. Here’s how much everything cost:

1. Cardigan- $3.99, Goodwill

2. Skirt- $3.99, Goodwill

3. Shoes- $3.00, Thrift Shore City

4. Tank- FREE! It was a hand-me-down

Total: $10.98

Where to Wear: I wear these types of outfits to my co-op, my Wednesday Night Bible Study @ my Youth Group, and at home.

When to Wear: I wear this in breezy temperatures; it keeps me warm in the fall, yet not sweaty in the spring.

Happy Wednesday!


Ben and Me

Ben and Me

Spring Picnic…Summer time rememberings

Spring Picnic
I always enjoy wearing cute dresses. This print on this dress was actually on our wallpaper in our previous home! I don’t know about you, but I like the print much better on a dress, than on a wall! : )

Autumn Window Shopping…Weekdays

Autumn Window Shopping
I love how I can wear this outfit so many places!
  1. The shirt: I found a shirt like this one at Old Navy during their Back to School sale. Because it was almost like a Back to School gift, and I would be able to wear with so many outfits, my mom agreed to it. The price was $25.00*
  2. The jacket I have is a different color from the one in the picture, (it is the color of the skinny jeans) but my mom got me this jacket from the thrift store for $9.00
  3. The skinny jeans were bought with my shirt from Old Navy and were subject to the same conditions. The price was about the same as my shirt, which was $25.00. *
  4. The boots. The boots were the ones purchased from the thrift store, the price was $5.00

Grand Total: $64.00

Thank you for your readership!

Hannah Messer

Rainy Day Set

Rainy Day Set
H&M , $49 / Proenza Schouler high waisted jeans, $355 / G by Guess / Vero Moda infinity scarve,
I wear this outfit to school, and always get compliments. This breezy grey shirt matched with the sturdy boots give this outfit an unique balance.
1. The grey shirt I have looks very similar to the shirt in this board. I got it from the thrift store for around $4.00
2. The skinny jeans. I was able to get my skinny jeans from the thrift store also. The price was about $2.00
3. The scarf was borrowed from my mom. We are both about the same size, and we (she) share(s) our (her) stuff all the time. ; )
4. Here come the best part. The boots! I love nice looking boots, and I was able to get a pair a lot like these here. The price was $5.00.
Grand Total: $11.00!
I hope you like this inspiration. Why don’t you see what you can find at the thrift store this week?

Summer is…

Summer is...