Vacation- day #1


Well, we woke up in what I call the wee-hours of the morning, and finished up our last bit of packing. We all lugged our stuff downstairs, ate some breakfast, then loaded up the car. One of our best friends took us to the airport, and thus we began our journey!


There is one thing I do not like going through in airports. Security! I think it is gross, actually. Taking off your shoes, walking barefoot where others have walked with their (stinky) bare feet. That’s just how I am. But, I made it through, and after waiting an hour to board our plane,we finally made it. Levi, as adorable and cute as he is, decided to fill his diaper right before we took off. Did I mention the bathroom in that plane was out of order??

Anyway, we survived, and he actually fell right to sleep!


Our first flight, don’t ask me why, took us to New York. I was  able to see the Statue of Liberty and the Brooklyn Bridge!

Our second flight, which we almost missed, took us non-stop to the Dallas/Fort Worth Int. Airport. Levi wasn’t as happy as normal, but he did a good job. Six hour flights are hard, especially as a little baby. Ok, maybe not little, but still a baby.

The city of Dallas is very pretty. The downtown part has tons of big towers, cute shops, and interesting places.



Our family stayed just outside of the downtown area. We swam a lot in our little apartment complex. I shall have to tell you more about it on day No. 2! But for now,

See ya!



Warm Eggs and Roller Coasters:

This is not a formula for instant nausea. There is no need to panic. I would just like to tell you about two different things I have been doing lately. Let me first tell you about the “ Warm Eggs” part. This a tip for when you are making cookies: When I make my chocolate chip cookies, I always leave the eggs that I will be using in the recipe out so that they become  room temperature. For some reason, this makes the cookies you are making to be light and fluffy. Before I learned the egg trick, my cookies were as hard as a rock and as flat as a pancake, until now! Now my horror cooling in the oven has turned into light fluffy cloud cookies, which equals to “brownie points” for me, coming from my family. Thumbs up

Original NESTLÉ® TOLL HOUSE® Chocolate Chip Cookies

The other thing I would like to tell you about would be the “roller coaster” part of my title. Where I have to build one. For school. Whoa.

I have an assignment for school to build my own “roller coaster.” We have been studying how roller coasters work in science. The roller coaster I am building will be done in a very tiny fashion. As in a marble will barely fit to roll down the track. I am going to have some assistants help me, though. There is nothin’ like a helping hand! As I rolled on down to Office Max to make some copies of the blueprint to build the coaster, I couldn’t help but think, “ How in the whole wide world am I going to do this???” I had glanced at the directions a couple of times, but never read through them completely. Let me describe how, even in the short glances I had, how I could sum up the blueprint. CONFUSING!


image < just to let you know, that is NOT the roller coaster I am building, this is just and example of a roller coaster.


Anyway, I will most likely take a picture of the hopefully on-time and finished assignment. Oh, and Novacom still hasn’t come yet. It was supposed to come yesterday. I wish could make a magic button to speed up FedEx deliveries. There is always a first time for everything. Sarcastic smile

Your Author,


Obsession Confession:

Ok, so you who read my blog know that I have been posting a lot about adventures in odyssey. Well, at my house, the adventures in odyssey radio is on almost all the time. If Focus on the Family has a counter for how many people visit their website, it probably has gone up a little bit. = ) Especially while I am feeding Levi his baby food.



My mom said that Focus on the Family should have me paying rent to be on their website, because I go there so often. He he. Ha ha. Very funny. But, I have also found out that Focus on the Family has a website now called that has radio drama episodes about books of the bible, important events in history, most common family issues, and much more. One of my good friends old me about it. I am going to might listen to a seven part series biography on Dietrich Bonheoffer today. Maybe.

SO, I might be a little obsessed with AIO. A little. Tell me what you like to do when you are bored. Maybe I am not alone. Maybe.

Your Author,


AIO Get In The Show!!!

Adventures in Odyssey is now holding a contest for a spot as an actor or actress for AIO! They just released the script, and I think I was one of the first to read the script. At 6:30 am. AIO is going to hold auditions at every Family Christian Bookstore on July 1st through 14th, I think. They will have the top 12 actors and actresses narrowed down by October 1st, and from October 1st to 9th, all AIO fans will vote for who they think is the best. From the top twelve, the fans will narrow the contestants down to the top three. Then, AIO will fly the finalists to Colorado Springs. There will be a global web audience watching as the finalists perform for the producers, and the winner will be in the Odyssey album #58. And guess what? I am auditioning!! Most likely with thousands of others, but it is worth a shot!!! I will check back with further information. See ya!

Your Author,
; ) P.S. We just bought the new AIO album, the Deep End!!!


Novacom is probably my favorite AIO saga. It talks about  a conspiracy with all the normal characters plus a few more new people. It all begins with an “answer to prayer”  for Tom Reilly, who runs the Timothy Center, as he begins to start having financial troubles, then an unknown company called Novacom offers Tom a decent amount of money for a plot of his land to build a radio tower on.
Tom decides to accept the offer, but “Whit” has a bad feeling about it. I won’t tell you anything else. It might ruin something for you if you haven’t heard the beginning of the series yet. AIO just aired the two first episodes, “Opportunity Knocks,” and “Red Herring” online at, which is already a link on my website. Anyway, I am earning up for the saga right now. I can’t wait until I listen to the whole thing!
Your Author,
Hannah Messer

Adventures in Odyssey Birthday-Bash!

If you have ever heard of a radio theatre show, or radio drama and you liked it, you will probably love Adventures in Odyssey! I have posted about AIO before, but never about the Adventures in Odyssey Birthday-Bash. The AIO Birthday-Bash is a live Adventures in Odyssey show, where you can meet the actors after the show, and get autographs from the actors. It turns out that, since 2009, my family hasn’t had a vacation, so, my parents decided that we will go visit some friends. In TEXAS!!! And while we were looking for vacation rentals, I turned on Adventures in Odyssey. My mom was looking over my shoulder, and then she saw an advertisement for the AIO Birthday-Bash. She had me click on it, which I gladly did, because I really wanted to go, but I was sure we would never go all the way to Texas for that! But, when my mom saw that the dates matched up to our vacation dates, she + my dad said that we could go, so I totally flipped out!!! I am going to try and get an autograph and post a picture of it to my blog!!!! I can not wait until we go! Did I mention we are flying in!? I do enjoy flight, because I haven’t flown very much. I will keep you updated on anything new happening with the AIO Birthday-Bash.