Warm Eggs and Roller Coasters:

This is not a formula for instant nausea. There is no need to panic. I would just like to tell you about two different things I have been doing lately. Let me first tell you about the “ Warm Eggs” part. This a tip for when you are making cookies: When I make my chocolate chip cookies, I always leave the eggs that I will be using in the recipe out so that they become  room temperature. For some reason, this makes the cookies you are making to be light and fluffy. Before I learned the egg trick, my cookies were as hard as a rock and as flat as a pancake, until now! Now my horror cooling in the oven has turned into light fluffy cloud cookies, which equals to “brownie points” for me, coming from my family. Thumbs up

Original NESTLÉ® TOLL HOUSE® Chocolate Chip Cookies

The other thing I would like to tell you about would be the “roller coaster” part of my title. Where I have to build one. For school. Whoa.

I have an assignment for school to build my own “roller coaster.” We have been studying how roller coasters work in science. The roller coaster I am building will be done in a very tiny fashion. As in a marble will barely fit to roll down the track. I am going to have some assistants help me, though. There is nothin’ like a helping hand! As I rolled on down to Office Max to make some copies of the blueprint to build the coaster, I couldn’t help but think, “ How in the whole wide world am I going to do this???” I had glanced at the directions a couple of times, but never read through them completely. Let me describe how, even in the short glances I had, how I could sum up the blueprint. CONFUSING!


image < just to let you know, that is NOT the roller coaster I am building, this is just and example of a roller coaster.


Anyway, I will most likely take a picture of the hopefully on-time and finished assignment. Oh, and Novacom still hasn’t come yet. It was supposed to come yesterday. I wish could make a magic button to speed up FedEx deliveries. There is always a first time for everything. Sarcastic smile

Your Author,


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