What I Wore: Friday

Here’s the outfit I wanted to wear:

This is what I got:

They are almost exactly the same, so I am really excited! (Can’t you tell!)   = D

Here is the total:

Shirt: $1, Yard Sale

Pants: $1, Yard Sale

Shoes: $30, Target

Scarf:$2, Goodwill

Purse: Hand-Me-Down!

Earrings: Free! Hand-Me-Down!

If I had bought the outfit brand-new, this outfit would have cost: $545.70

MY Grand Total: $34

Yippee! So, what have you found recently?



Thrifty Finds | What I Wore Wednesday

Hello there! Today, I will be sharing with you my outfit for today:

I haven’t done this before, so I would like your feedback. I have a couple more outfits in mind, so I will be able to keep it up if I get positive replies. Here’s how much everything cost:

1. Cardigan- $3.99, Goodwill

2. Skirt- $3.99, Goodwill

3. Shoes- $3.00, Thrift Shore City

4. Tank- FREE! It was a hand-me-down

Total: $10.98

Where to Wear: I wear these types of outfits to my co-op, my Wednesday Night Bible Study @ my Youth Group, and at home.

When to Wear: I wear this in breezy temperatures; it keeps me warm in the fall, yet not sweaty in the spring.

Happy Wednesday!