Rainy Day Set

Rainy Day Set
H&M , $49 / Proenza Schouler high waisted jeans, $355 / G by Guess / Vero Moda infinity scarve,
I wear this outfit to school, and always get compliments. This breezy grey shirt matched with the sturdy boots give this outfit an unique balance.
1. The grey shirt I have looks very similar to the shirt in this board. I got it from the thrift store for around $4.00
2. The skinny jeans. I was able to get my skinny jeans from the thrift store also. The price was about $2.00
3. The scarf was borrowed from my mom. We are both about the same size, and we (she) share(s) our (her) stuff all the time. ; )
4. Here come the best part. The boots! I love nice looking boots, and I was able to get a pair a lot like these here. The price was $5.00.
Grand Total: $11.00!
I hope you like this inspiration. Why don’t you see what you can find at the thrift store this week?