Thrifty Finds | What I Wore Wednesday

Hello there! Today, I will be sharing with you my outfit for today:

I haven’t done this before, so I would like your feedback. I have a couple more outfits in mind, so I will be able to keep it up if I get positive replies. Here’s how much everything cost:

1. Cardigan- $3.99, Goodwill

2. Skirt- $3.99, Goodwill

3. Shoes- $3.00, Thrift Shore City

4. Tank- FREE! It was a hand-me-down

Total: $10.98

Where to Wear: I wear these types of outfits to my co-op, my Wednesday Night Bible Study @ my Youth Group, and at home.

When to Wear: I wear this in breezy temperatures; it keeps me warm in the fall, yet not sweaty in the spring.

Happy Wednesday!


4 thoughts on “Thrifty Finds | What I Wore Wednesday

  1. Dear Thrifteen, How do you choose your jewelry? Do you choose it before and then put on clothes to match your jewlery OR do you Choose an outfit an then choose jewelry to match?

    • You are sooo funny. : )
      If you really want to know, I find what makes up the center of my outfit, and build from that.
      ex. Fav. shirt, then mix and match jeans, jewelry, and finally accessories.
      miss ya!

  2. Really? So you pick color first? Ok.. I’m a jewelry tard so.. thanks for the help. By the way. you look kinda of familiar to me.. Have I see you somewhere before?? Nevermind.. you probably just look like a girl I saw in Wegman’s the other day… humm

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