Vacation Day No. 3

Well, this is the day for me that was the most exciting. Let me start from the beginning…
5:45   Alarm goes off, I role (very) quickly out of bed. It’s the big day!
6:00 Done with my shower, and eating breakfast
6:30 Play with Levi
DSC00608   DSC00606
DSC00607  DSC00639
7:15  Look up directions for my dad. (It would have been horrible if we had gotten lost!)
DSC00646    DSC00645
DSC00647    DSC00650
DSC00652     DSC00609
7:45 Play more with Levi
8:30 Wait nervously.
8:45 Start getting packed up and headed out the door.
9:15 We’re on the road!
9:50 Arrival at the Irving Bible Church. Wow!
9:55 Stand with Odyssey cut-outs!
10:00 Find us some seats!
DSC00658    DSC00659
10:02 Luke and I get our picture taken with a fabric Mr. Whittaker. : )
10:05 I am sitting three feet away from Brock Eastman!
Brock EastmanIMG_6552
10:10 Declare we came all the way from Virginia in a “ How far did you come?” contest.
10:20 The show finally starts!
11:30 The show is over, and my awesome father leaves the show early ( 1/2 hour) to get in line for the autograph session. ( I love my dad!)
11:45 We get in line… a long line!
IMG_6562  IMG_6566
12:00 We are third in line!
12:05  We make it up the autograph tables, and who do I bump into, but Mr. Paul McCusker! I actually got to have him autograph the book I brought that he wrote!!!!!!!!!!! And now, I shall have to show you this video of us at the autograph line! Luke really hit it off with Jess Harnell!
 The video will be in my next post



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