Game Page Update/Back to School:

Hello there! Things have been soooooo busy lately! I can’t believe that my little brother Levi is a year old, and my older brother, Luke, is going into middle school!
This is making me feel old. : )
I have been so sidetracked lately, I haven’t been keeping up with my blog posts. Getting ready for school, watching Levi, keeping up with the times with the summer reading program at our library; it’s all flown by! What I have done though, is  added a couple more things to my Game Page. Careful, there might be a spider lurking in the corners of your screen when you play! : ) Just to let you gamers know what Luke’s high score is on the Ball-Drop game, it’s 210!
So, tell me how you all have been doing? I am going to put up a poll about how everyone is feeling about starting school. I am nervous/excited because of starting highschool, but I enjoy school itself. Leave a comment if you want to tell me how you are feeling about starting school. Good luck to all!

It’s Back to School!

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