Vacation- day #1


Well, we woke up in what I call the wee-hours of the morning, and finished up our last bit of packing. We all lugged our stuff downstairs, ate some breakfast, then loaded up the car. One of our best friends took us to the airport, and thus we began our journey!


There is one thing I do not like going through in airports. Security! I think it is gross, actually. Taking off your shoes, walking barefoot where others have walked with their (stinky) bare feet. That’s just how I am. But, I made it through, and after waiting an hour to board our plane,we finally made it. Levi, as adorable and cute as he is, decided to fill his diaper right before we took off. Did I mention the bathroom in that plane was out of order??

Anyway, we survived, and he actually fell right to sleep!


Our first flight, don’t ask me why, took us to New York. I was  able to see the Statue of Liberty and the Brooklyn Bridge!

Our second flight, which we almost missed, took us non-stop to the Dallas/Fort Worth Int. Airport. Levi wasn’t as happy as normal, but he did a good job. Six hour flights are hard, especially as a little baby. Ok, maybe not little, but still a baby.

The city of Dallas is very pretty. The downtown part has tons of big towers, cute shops, and interesting places.



Our family stayed just outside of the downtown area. We swam a lot in our little apartment complex. I shall have to tell you more about it on day No. 2! But for now,

See ya!



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