Alright, so who is with me when it comes to summer freedom!? I am so very thankful that school isn’t all-year round! I have been able to organize my room, create some artwork, and play with my brothers, not the pencil sharpener!
I have already planned what I will do next school year, and, even though I love summer, I am still excited about my next school year. In high school! We have already made at least 6 trips to the pool! I love the pool!

Right now, as I wait for my lunch to finish cooking, I gaze out the window, to the dreary world beyond. Winking smile As of right now, it is raining.
OK, so things haven’t been that boring lately. On Thursday, my family and I are going to the HEAV convention. ( See
We will stay for three days. Then, on Sunday, I will have my first day with nursery duty at my church. Four days later, we ( my family and I) are going to Dallas, Texas!!! We will visit the Lego Discovery Center,

The Adventures In Odyssey Birthday Bash,

Six Flags,

and the pool, of course!
Fun under the sun!!!!! 
I will tell you more about our trip later. Can’t wait until we go! Until then,
See ya!


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