My Trip… to Lucketts!!

Ok, so I haven’t been posting in a while, but I have a good reason! I have just finished school, and I went out of town. This post is going to be about when I was out of town. I tried to take pictures throughout my whole day, so here are some of them:
Alright, when we drove up to Lucketts, it took four hours, and my mom, Levi, and I left very late in the day, so we got in at a very late hour. That is why I look soooo tired in this picture below:
early in the morning
When we finally got to the Old Lucketts Store, we realized that we should have gotten there a wee bit earlier. There were already many cars in the parking areas, so I guess you could say, we had a nice walk! : )  This picture is of us when we made it to the first couple booths:
aunt, me, levi
Levi was doing pretty good for a while, but when a baby needs his nap, he will get his nap, even if it is in the blazing heat, and there are lots of people around him:
Oh, and there was a strange attraction going on nearby that helped everyone stay in good spirits…
After looking  around for a while, and buying a couple little knick-knacks, we stopped for lunch, and took a break:
the gang
We were very close to the actual Lucketts store, so we decided to stop in and take a peek around:
inside the old lucketts store
We also stopped by the design house, its grounds, and checked out the last vendors.
garden of design house

We were just in time to see one of my mother’s favorite bloggers, Miss Mustard Seed:
guess who
We were able to talk and have fun while we breezed through the last bit of vintage/shabby chic items left.
Even after taking a few breaks from the beating down on you, burning you to a crisp sun, we were completely exhausted. However, Levi awoke from his nap, and appeared completely refreshed!
at least someone stayed awake
We all had a good time at Lucketts, and hope to visit again soon!

I thought this would be funny, for those of you who are AIO fans:

This is a picture inside the design house that I took :

Anyway, thanks for reading my posts, and keeping up with my goings-on in life!

Your Author,


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