It has arrived:

Just guess if you can. Imagine if you will. But this is for real. Check it out:

Finally, after too many days of waiting in anticipation, just wishing that whoever was working at FedEx or U.P.S. was super-fast, when Novacom was all I could think about, it finally came! However, first things are first in my family. Before I could open the Novacom box, I had to wash a big sink of dishes.
IMG_5014            IMG_5025

Broken dishwasher+ lots of dishes+ Novacom just staring at me, waiting to be opened= The fastest and most frustrated I have ever washed dishes in my life!
Yah, you could say that I got the Novacom box in only 10-15 minutes after it’s arrival. I was pretty pumped. IMG_5024
Alright, so I was able to open the Novacom box, but did I say I would be able to actually listen to it?

Before I could actually listen to Novacom, I had to organize my school desk, which had a lot of stuff to organize. As you can probably imagine, I finished that task pretty quickly too. So, then, the moment I was, and had been waiting for was finally here. Until Mom asked me to do the evening dishes. But I was able to listen while doing the dishes!
IMG_5027       IMG_5028
Everyone was upstairs, getting ready for bed, while I was alone. Downstairs. By myself. (frown)
But it really didn’t matter. I was listening to Novacom! The best AIO saga ever!
IMG_5029        IMG_5034
IMG_5035     IMG_5037
It wasn’t so bad to do the dishes anymore, because I hear other people talking! Most of the time, it was Whit giving Connie a pep-talk, or the younger children in Odyssey, always getting in trouble. Funny! Soon enough, I shall have to write you all a post about the roller coaster I was working on. I finished! And I got extra credit for turning it in so early! I am calling it the “Paper Tiger,” which is the name Mom thought would be appropriate. You can probably imagine what it will look like. I will try to post a video of the roller coaster in action. I will be writing you again soon! Thanks for reading!


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