A “Little” Technical Assistance

Ever since I was young  younger, I would help my mom with stuff. Like “making” dinner with her, “helping” with laundry, etc. Well, recently, I have been helping her a lot on the technical side of things. Even when I was 8 years old, I would show mom how to use features on her phone. It was kind of funny. I have worked my way up from helping her with cell phones. Now it’s computers. My family calls me the tech geek of the family.  I learned how to operate computers by earning up for one with my brother,  and working on it by trial and error. On one of my recent blog posts, you found me talking about earning up for a MacBook Pro because Apple is so direct and simple.

Anyway, I have been helping my mom out with her blog (on my Dell).  I was working with her about 5 minutes ago by making her favicon square. Man. Favicons are really annoying. Really. Mom chose a favicon for her blog, (which is that icon looking thing some people have that is right by the web address for whatever website you are visiting).


On  Blogger, at least, when you want to have a personalized favicon for your brain faviconweblog, it always has to be square. Well, Mom found a favicon that suited her blog and style, but it wasn’t square. Goody. I love a challenge.  I pulled up the Paint program on my computer, and pasted the favicon image over.  I had to resize the image by clicking on Resize, then had to figure out sizing nonsense for a while. Bummer. With all that said and done, I figured it out. Finally. I then transferred it to Blogger and… it hasn’t popped up yet. Bummer again. Well, it takes about a day or so. I guess I’ll be waiting. Thus the technical assistant carries on in her never-ending wading waffling through the technical world.




2 thoughts on “A “Little” Technical Assistance

  1. Well done Hannah! That is how I remember you xx I have to say that also this picture is so lovely x Greets from Belgium! And yes, I like your mom's blog also!! Maureen

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