Obsession Confession:

Ok, so you who read my blog know that I have been posting a lot about adventures in odyssey. Well, at my house, the adventures in odyssey radio is on almost all the time. If Focus on the Family has a counter for how many people visit their whitsend.org website, it probably has gone up a little bit. = ) Especially while I am feeding Levi his baby food.



My mom said that Focus on the Family should have me paying rent to be on their website, because I go there so often. He he. Ha ha. Very funny. But, I have also found out that Focus on the Family has a website now called radiodrama.com that has radio drama episodes about books of the bible, important events in history, most common family issues, and much more. One of my good friends old me about it. I am going to might listen to a seven part series biography on Dietrich Bonheoffer today. Maybe.

SO, I might be a little obsessed with AIO. A little. Tell me what you like to do when you are bored. Maybe I am not alone. Maybe.

Your Author,


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