AIO Get In The Show!!!

Adventures in Odyssey is now holding a contest for a spot as an actor or actress for AIO! They just released the script, and I think I was one of the first to read the script. At 6:30 am. AIO is going to hold auditions at every Family Christian Bookstore on July 1st through 14th, I think. They will have the top 12 actors and actresses narrowed down by October 1st, and from October 1st to 9th, all AIO fans will vote for who they think is the best. From the top twelve, the fans will narrow the contestants down to the top three. Then, AIO will fly the finalists to Colorado Springs. There will be a global web audience watching as the finalists perform for the producers, and the winner will be in the Odyssey album #58. And guess what? I am auditioning!! Most likely with thousands of others, but it is worth a shot!!! I will check back with further information. See ya!

Your Author,
; ) P.S. We just bought the new AIO album, the Deep End!!!


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