Adventures in Odyssey Birthday-Bash!

If you have ever heard of a radio theatre show, or radio drama and you liked it, you will probably love Adventures in Odyssey! I have posted about AIO before, but never about the Adventures in Odyssey Birthday-Bash. The AIO Birthday-Bash is a live Adventures in Odyssey show, where you can meet the actors after the show, and get autographs from the actors. It turns out that, since 2009, my family hasn’t had a vacation, so, my parents decided that we will go visit some friends. In TEXAS!!! And while we were looking for vacation rentals, I turned on Adventures in Odyssey. My mom was looking over my shoulder, and then she saw an advertisement for the AIO Birthday-Bash. She had me click on it, which I gladly did, because I really wanted to go, but I was sure we would never go all the way to Texas for that! But, when my mom saw that the dates matched up to our vacation dates, she + my dad said that we could go, so I totally flipped out!!! I am going to try and get an autograph and post a picture of it to my blog!!!! I can not wait until we go! Did I mention we are flying in!? I do enjoy flight, because I haven’t flown very much. I will keep you updated on anything new happening with the AIO Birthday-Bash.



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