The "Work Walk," and Gertie’s Green Thumb

Early this morning, as I was making my breakfast, my mom walked past. I often don’t realize that she’s walked past me, except when she is performing the “Work Walk.” The “Work Walk” is what my family calls the way my mom walks around when she about to do something, like cleaning, or telling me I haven’t vacuumed yet. I try to avoid her when I hear it, because I know she is about to ask me to do something. Most of the time, I don’t succeed.  It’s weird. She walks pretty lightly when she is happy with the cleanliness of the house, but if you begin to see dust on the piano, or dirt in the foyer, you’ll know that Mom will be ‘a coming. So, when Mom walked past me, this morning, I knew what she was about to say: ” Hannah, look at the piano. It’s getting pretty dusty.” (hint, hint) So, she got me, that time. But, thinking of cleaning and what not, my mind began to wander and then I came upon the memory of I book I read a long time ago, where a girl, Gertie Danfield, found a magic wishbone sticking out of a trash can. She liked to collect things, so she brought it back home with her. Then her brother found it, and he and Gertie pulled the wishbone, and Gertie got the longer end. She then wished that her mom would get rid of the vacuum cleaner. It scared her. The wishbone worked, and soon enough, her house began to be so dirty, they had to wear boots in the house, until one day, grass began to grow on their floor. Eventually, their house became full of plants! It was a fun book, though definitely not true. I would suggest it for kids of all ages. I wouldn’t want a house full of plants, though. Now I am kinda glad we do clean. Anyway, time to do my chores!


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