Big Sister Stuff!

Sometimes it is hard to be a big sis, but I enjoy it! One thing you must always remember it patience! Especially when you little brother pees all over you. : )

Things to remember:

When fussing, your little baby you are watching might need to burp, is hungry, or is tired. He or she might just be lonely, so first try to play, but if still persisting to whine or cry, burp them, or, if they can’t eat yet, try to lay him down for a nap
Playtime: When playing, don’t try to surprise them too much with peek-a-boo, trust me, I have learned the hard way. : )
Remember to gather everything you need before you might give a baby a bath, including a diaper, a towel, a fresh outfit, and , of course, shampoo, and lotion for afterwards
When changing a diaper: Always make sure that you have a clean diaper under the old one when changing. (it will decrease the chances of a “surprise.”) Another thing to remember is to make sure your baby isn’t about to pee when you take the dirty diaper off. And, yes again, I have learned the hard way
Practice contentment. Even if you are frustrated, tired, or mad, try to maintain your composure, because, the baby you are watching will sense from the tone of your voice how you are feeling, and that might make things worse for you if the baby is crying, and you are about to too!
Always try to keep a wipe with you when holding a baby; you will never know when a baby might spit-up!


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